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Unable to connect to proxy server SOLUTION

“Unable to connect to the proxy server” is a common error that shows up when trying to load a web page while using Google Chrome. It prevents you from connecting to the internet and it most likely means that your computer might be infected with adware or a malicious program.

I have seen that many try to fix this error from the browser. This is not a browser related error but a Windows error. There are a couple of Windows Internet Connection Settings the we need to configure.

Following, I will show you how to fix this annoying error “unable to connect to proxy server” that prevents you from connecting to the internet.

Unable to connect to proxy server SOLUTION

To solve this issue, do the following:

1. Open control panel.
2. Click internet options.
3. Click the connections tab.
4. Then at the bottom click LAN settings.
5. Un click use a proxy server, then click automatically detect settings.
6. Click OK.

unable-to-connect to-proxy-server

This should solve your issues.

Scan your computer for malware

After solving the issue and you are able to connect to the internet again, you should scan your computers for malware and make sure that when installing software you don’t accidentally install unwanted programs.

The antivirus and antimalware I recommend are Avast and Maware Bytes. I have been using those for many years and I consider them to be the best.

One of the features I like most about Avast is that it has a very handy tool to remove bad addons from all your browsers.

And last but not least, both of them are FREE.

Be very careful what you agree to install

You should always be very careful when installing programs, specially “free” software, because very often the software installer includes extra optional installs.

These extra optional installs can only be noticed when you opt for “custom installation” instead of the “default installation”. When you choose “custom installation”, you are able to deselect programs that you don’t know and look suspicious. Be very careful with what you agree to install.

You should never install, not even download, software that you don’t trust.

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