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PC Repair

PC Repair in Boca Raton

PC Repair Computer Repair Laptop Reapair in Fort Lauderdale
PC Repair Computer Repair Laptop Reapair in Fort Lauderdale

At KMBytes we provide with the most efficient PC repair in Boca Raton. We always provide FREE estimates. You can bring your PC, either desktop or laptop, or we can go to you at no extra charge. We will diagnose what the issue and then get back to you as soon as possible. If you agree we go ahead and fix your computer. If you don’t you can pick up your computer at any time or we take it back to you as soon as possible.

We are experts repairing many common computer issues as well as having a scientific and creative mind to solve the not so common ones.

Viruses and Adware Removal

Nowadays it is almost inevitable not to get viruses online. Viruses are all over the internet. If you have a virus does not necesarily mean it is your fault. Unfortunately, you can get a virus even with an antivirus installed. One way to reduce the odds of getting infected, is having your antivurus always up to date. In addition, not all antivurs do they job, some are better than others, and some are just advertisement. If you have or you believe you have computer viruses, bring your computer over, or let us get to you. We will remove those viruses, advise you and install the best antivirus available, and keep it up to date.

Slow Computer

PC Repair Computer Repair Laptop Repair Parkland
PC Repair Computer Repair Laptop Repair in Parkland

Computers are suppose to do calculations fast. If they don’t, our tasks are affected. The cause of a computer running slow can be many such as the need of a computer tune-up to clean up unnecesary junk files. It can also be caused by a virus hidding on the background. Anything the issue can be, we will return your computer to you running like a Ferrari.

Blank Screens

Overtime computer parts go bad. Black screens are usually related to computers failing to start. This can be given to a Operating System corruption, a bad memory RAM, a failing hard drive, etc. What ever it is the issue, we will solve it for you. Our PC repair services are satisfaction guaranteed.

Data Recovery

You PC won’t turn on and you worry about your data? Fear no more, here at KMBytes we will recover your precious documents, photos, videos from a bad hard drive. It is a good practice to always have a copy of your data backed up to an external hard drive or a pen drive because we never know when a computer is going to fail. Call us to do the PC Repair job for you!

General PC Repair

We can fix about any PC repair issue that come accross your way such as Broken Screens, Broken Keywords, Broken Mouse Pads. We always approach a projet with passion because we love what we do. Be sure that we always aim to resolve an issue as fast and economical as possible.

And More!

PC Repair Computer Repair Laptop Repair Miami
PC Repair Computer Repair Laptop Repair in Miami

Call us today! 561-445-5572. Always FREE estimates. We can come to you at no extra charge!

PC Repair Laptop Repair Computer Repair Boca Raton

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