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Computer Repair Boca Raton Florida

PC Repair Computer Repair Laptop Repair Technician Boca Raton

PC Repair Computer Repair Laptop Reapair in Fort Lauderdale
PC Repair Computer Repair Laptop Reapair in Fort Lauderdale

When I approach a computer issue, I treat it with both a knowledgeable as well as a creative mind. I apply all the knowledge I could acquire in classrooms in addition to the tricks and secrets that only over 10 years of experience can provide. My computer repair services include:

Virus Removal

I eliminate all those annoying viruses that negatively affect the performance of your computer. That includes advertisement popups and root-kits. If you ever suspect your computer has viruses, please don’t wait till the last minute to correct the problem. Virus quickly become worse and could seriously compromise or even destroy your data. If you wait till last minute to fix viruses your precious data is being jeopardized. Also, the cost of fixing becomes potentially higher. So if you think your computer has a virus, please don’t wait an give me a call!

Slow Computer

PC Repair Computer Repair Laptop Repair Parkland
PC Repair Computer Repair Laptop Repair in Parkland

Computers are like cars. After a while of running, they need a tuneup. Every time you use your computer, it creates temporary files necessary to accomplish the tasks you are running such as surfing the web or checking your email. The problem is that after using the computer, these files are not deleted. Instead, they accumulate over the time in the hard drive making the computer run sluggish and slower. Those files need to be deleted. In addition, other processes are part of a computer tune up such as disk defragmentation, disk error checking, etc.

Computer Upgrades

Your computer is a few years old and is not running smooth like before? In the computer information technology world everything evolves virtually on a daily basis. Almost every day newer faster computer hardware is released. So the 5-year-old computer hardware might not be able to catch up with the Gigabyte internet technology coming from your modern router. You might want to add more memory RAM or a newer hard drive to return the computer back on the game. I am here to help! Don’t hesitate to contact me at 561-445-5572.

Computer Setup

You just bought a brand new computer and need help installing the cool guy? Let me help! Or you just moved from out of state and need help sorting the box full of spaghetti and then put everything back together? It will be my pleasure to do it for you! That way, you just sit and relax having that task off your list.

Printer Installation

PC Repair Computer Repair Laptop Repair Palm Beach
PC Repair Computer Repair Laptop Repair in Palm Beach

Let me install your home printer. If there are more than one computer in the house, I can make everybody share the same printer. That way, you save resources and space. In addition, it can be done wirelessly!

Software Installation

You need a special program install in your computer? From solitaire games to accounting programs, I can help. You need to accomplish a given task for school, work, or personal? You need advise about what software you can use? Contact me at 561-445-5572 or send me a message!

Data Back Up

A disaster can occur to anybody. Nothing is undestroyable and so isn’t a computer. Any computer can crash at anytime given an evil virus or just because the hardware is older. You could lose all your valuable data! You can prevent this loss by doing periodic data back ups. That means, your data is safely saved in an external storage device. It is better to be safe than sorry!

Windows Re-Installation

Your computer starts but never boots? You see a black screen or a blue screen? You are stuck with weird messages or wording? That most likely means Windows crashed and it needs to be repaired or re installed. Luckily, I can accomplish that in only 24 hours or less. Give me a call to 561-445-5572 or send me a message!

And More!

PC Repair Computer Repair Laptop Repair Boca Raton
PC Repair Computer Repair Laptop Repair in Boca Raton

If you don’t see you are looking for in the list above, give me a call at (561) 445-5572, stop by my shop or send me a message! I offer my clients an extra personal working experience when they choose to work with me. By using close and constant communication, friend-like relationships, and a personal passion for each project, I aim to create the best possible service and experience for your next computer endeavor. So if you are in need of the best computer repair Boca Raton florida offers, call me at 561-445-5572, stop by my shop or send me a message. Thank you for visiting my page and I hope we work together anytime soon! Please feel free to leave me some feedback.

PC Repair Laptop Repair Computer Repair Boca Raton

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